Café de Nadie Menú

Breakfast menu

Acai Bowl $160
Coconut and chia pudding, gogi berries

Bircher Muesli $160
Oats soaked in apple juice, Greek yogurt, seasonal fruit

Toast with ricotta $160
Fig marmalade, black pepper

Chilaquiles rojos $160
Tortilla chips tossed in salsa roja, epazote, sour cream, cotija cheese
With fried eggs $180

Tamago Yaki Sando $180
Dashi omelette sandwich, avocado mayonnaise

Huevos con frijoles $180
Scrambled eggs with refried beans, lettuces from the chinampa

Chocolate chip cookie $40


Side dishes
½ avocado $45
Bacon $80
Chicken soup $70


By La Vitrine:
Pain au Chocolat $55
Conchas $35

Food and dinner

Green Salad $110.00
Lettuces from the chinampa, heirloom tomatoes, shiso dressing

Brussel Sprouts $120.00
Pumpkinseed ranch

Young coconut and watermelon tiradito $120.00
leche de tigre, sesame oil

Smoked Trout Tostada $120.00
labneh, fine herbs, capers

Chicken soup $100.00
Organic chicken broth, carrot, potato, gouda cheese

Grilled cheese sandwich $170.00
Oaxaca cheese, comte, parmesan, warm gazpacho

New York Steak $390.00
Bearnaise poblanos

Fish ceviche $180
Fish, mango and ginger

Parisien gnocchi $140
Chard, avocado leaf, nutmeg  


Carrot cake $95
Pumpkin Pie $120

By La Vitrine:
Éclair de Nadie $95
Matcha cake with white chocolate $95
Golden brownie a $95