Café de Nadie Menú

Food and dinner

2pm – 11pm

Caesar salad  $130

Brussel sprouts $120
Pumpkinseed ranch

Beetroot carpaccio $120
Beetroot from Arca Tierra, leche de tigre, sweet potato puree, fried leek

Smoked trout tostada $120
Fine herb labneh, capers

Peruvian Ceviche $180
Sea Bass, leche de tigre, peruvian corn

French fries $120
Home made mayonnaise of pericon

Chicken consommé $100
Organic chicken, carrot, potatoes, gouda cheese

Parisian gnocchi $140
Cream of swiss chard, avocado leaf béchamel, nutmeg

Grilled cheese sandwich $170
Oaxaca cheese, comte, parmesan, hot gazpacho

Pork vindaloo sanger $180
Brioche bun, pork curry, pickles, onion rings


Organic cheese from Guanajuato
Dave’s Home Bread
Honey from Arca Tierra Marmalade

LATE NIGHT 11pm – 1am

French fries $120
Home made mayonnaise

Brussel sprouts $120
Pumpkinseed ranch

Chicken consommé $100
Organic chicken, carrot, potato, gouda cheese


Carrot cake $95


Chocolate chip cookie – (1 cookie) $40
Oatmeal, cranberry and nut cookie – (1 cookie) $40
Gluten free oatmeal, cranberry and nut cookie – (3 cookies) $60

By La Vitrine:
Éclair de Nadie $95
Matcha cake with white chocolate $95