Café de Nadie

Café de Nadie Menú


Octopus cebiche $290
Homemade clamato, chiltepín, guacamole and tostadas

La Paz Kampachi $310
Ponzu, pickled shallot and ginger

Catch of the day tartar $290
Pickled lemon, macha, chive and fried toast

Baja oysters $75 each
Pickle aguachile

Fennel and parmesan salad $280

Onion with comte and sourdough $345

Chicken sandwich $320
Homemade BBQ, ranch

Asparagus with hollandaise sauce $220

Wagyu cheesburger $380

Rigatoni $420
Wagyu ragú

Orzotto al pesto $320

De Nadie fríes $180
Special house


Camembert cheesecake $290

Chocolate and macadamia tart $340

Carrot cake $200