Café de Nadie Menú

Breakfast menu

Until 2pm

Acai bowl 160
Coconut and chia pudding, acai ice-cream, seasonal fruit

Red Chilaquiles 160
Corn chips soaked in red salsa, epazote, sour cream, cotija cheese

Bacon and egg roll 160
Bacon and egg sandwich, cheddar cheese, homemade bbq sauce

Food and dinner

2pm – 11pm

Charred cucumber salad $110
Chili and lime dressing, ricotta cheese

Brussel sprouts $120
Pumpkinseed ranch

Beetroot carpaccio $120
Beetroot from Arca Tierra, leche de tigre, sweet potato puree, fried leek

Smoked trout tostada $120
Fine herb labneh, capers

Peruvian Ceviche $180
Sea Bass, leche de tigre, peruvian corn

French fries $120
Home made mayonnaise of pericon

Chicken consommé $100
Organic chicken, carrot, potatoes, gouda cheese

Parisian gnocchi $140
Cream of swiss chard, avocado leaf béchamel, nutmeg

Grilled cheese sandwich $170
Oaxaca cheese, comte, parmesan, hot gazpacho

Pork vindaloo sanger $180
Brioche bun, pork curry, pickles, onion rings


Monday to Friday 2pm-6pm

Charred cucumber salad

Grilled cheese sandwich
Pork vindaloo Sanger

Seasonal fruits


LATE NIGHT 11pm – 1am

French fries $120
Home made mayonnaise

Brussel sprouts $120
Pumpkinseed ranch

Chicken consommé $100
Organic chicken, carrot, potato, gouda cheese


Carrot cake $95
Pumpkin Pie $120


Chocolate chip cookie – (1 cookie) $40
Oatmeal, cranberry and nut cookie – (1 cookie) $40
Gluten free oatmeal, cranberry and nut cookie – (3 cookies) $60

By La Vitrine:
Éclair de Nadie $95
Matcha cake with white chocolate $95